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Strumming from A to Z







The Gardner Farm Inn hosts a weekend of strummed instrument activities designed to bring together guitar and other plucked string enthusiasts to explore the worlds of South American and Flamenco strumming in a fun, friendly, and music-loving setting.


Strumming from A to Z  ... A Guitar Intensive

Friday evening, Nov. 17th thru Sunday morning Nov. 19th

The Master Artists leading the weekend activities are guitarist Scott Hill

and charango player Carlos Boltes of the Alturas Duo, whose focus is

the South American folk and oral tradition as well as contemporary classical, and Maria Zemantauski, acclaimed nylon-string guitarist and composer whose style is heavily influenced by Spanish classical and flamenco music and dance.


Do you have a passion for the guitar or charango, cuatro, ukulele, or similar instrument you pluck or strum? And you want to learn and "talk shop" with others who share this musical passion?

The Guitar Intensive weekend at

the Gardener Farm Inn is designed

to bring such spirited folks together to explore South American and Flamenco strumming (and more) in a friendly atmosphere for learning and socializing.

Regardless of your proficiency level,

join our Master Artists for a weekend of:

  • musical jams

  • discussions and demonstrations

  • one-on-one instructional sessions

  • opportunities to play and learn

You can stay as a weekend guest or

participate as a day "student."

Click here for the schedule

of activities and nitty-gritty details.




4:00 pm  Sat. Nov 18th 2017

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

58 3rd St  Troy, NY


This informational performance, or as we like to say, an "informance," features our Master Artists and hopefully two or three willing "student" participants of the

Guitar Intensive program.

Open to the Public

$10 for adults  |  $5 for students w/ID

tickets available at the door

The Guitar Intensive at the Gardner Farm Inn

is a weekend of social gatherings, demonstrations, master led discussion, individual instruction, performance opportunities, and a musical soirée complete with South American/Spanish food and wines.


click here for schedule of activities

Musical Soirée

One of the highlights of the weekend is Saturday night's concert in the parlor of the

Garden Farm Inn.


An intimate performance by the Alturas Duo & Maria Zemantauski for all  Guitar Intensive participants and friends of Gardner Farm Inn.

Come ready to enjoy and socialize with the Master Artists as a buffet dinner, complete with select South American and Spanish wines, follows the performance.

Interested in attending the

Musical Soirée, but can't come

for the whole weekend ?

Give us a call at

(917) 509-5110

or send us an e-mail

by clicking here

Strumming from A to Z  ... a great way to learn, listen, and play!

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