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Live at

     Gardner Farm Inn






Gardner Farm Inn hosts an intimate evening with

a man of many musical lives and a mass of contradictions,

the genre-bending, multi-award winning singer-songwriter

Garry Novikoff


Wednesday, Sept. 25th 20198:00 pm

This special engagement is limited to the first 20 guests.


Tickets must be purchased in advance.

No tickets will be sold at the door.

"Garry Novikoff is one of the most important artists of our time"

                                                                                                                                            --Julie Flanders, October Project



GARRY NOVIKOFF is a genre-bending, multi-award winning singer-songwriter. 

He is a rebel, a rocker, a folkie, a cabaret artist, a children's songwriter,'

a composer, and an all-around musical Renaissance man.

Garry has "a unique brand of humor and storytelling.

The songs are very sneaky. They reach up and

grab you in the heart when you least expect it."


--Victor Mignatti, Grammy-nominated filmmaker


With a delightfully quirky sense of humor,

Garry writes "heartbreakingly poignant songs

that pack quite a satiric punch."


--Bob Sherman, WFUV

Wednesday, September 25th 2019・8:00 pm


Live at Gardner Farm Inn
     Garry  Novikoff...